Plain website with HTML, CSS and Javascript

This is our most basic web service which is suited best for small websites which are not updated that often.

Static setup
Wordpress setup

Wordpress site

Wordpress is a great choice for websites that are updated on a regular basis. Wordpress is the most used content management system on the web and provide a fantastic user experience.

Static webpage with Gatsby js and React

This is the best choice for websites that want the best performance and usability possible.

Javascript frameworks

Other services

A website is more than just a design. With almost every website comes maintenance and somewhere to host it. We want to provide our customers a total solution were we manage everything web related.



Every project comes with a one month full support, in case anything goes wrong. However, for a small additional fee per month, we offer full support of your webpage for as long a you like, thus eliminating any trouble that you may have to deal with.


We also provide hosting for websites in case you do not like to do any maintenance on your web solution. If you would like to use your own hosting provider, we will make sure that your new website gets up and running on a host of your choice.

Web hosting